Coffee vs. Red Bull Which is Healthier?

By | July 25, 2018

Think of facing your morning or the afternoon without a cup of coffee. Many people prefer coffee than any other beverage in the world as their source of energy. But is drinking coffee healthier than Red Bull? This article will try and demystify this mystery. Both beverages are excellent sources of energy and do contain varying quantities of caffeine. A close look at each drink will help you to understand the healthier between the two. Let’s us proceed with the comparison.

  • Caffeine levels

Without a doubt, coffee has higher levels of caffeine compared to Red Bull. According information from the Mayo clinic, the daily recommended daily intake of caffeine should not exceed 400 mg. The two drinks contain caffeine in levels that are way below this daily recommended intake. For example, an 8-ounce cup of coffee has between 80- 200 mg of caffeine, on the other hand, Red Bull; 8.4 ounces can contain 80mg of caffeine. This is to mean that coffee has more caffeine when compared to Red Bull. The amount of caffeine in coffee is directly related to the type of coffee beans used and the method employed to brew the beverage. There is also the option of decaf coffee. This is coffee that has been decaffeinated. If you want to enjoy a cup of coffee with low levels of caffeine, then go for decaf coffee.

  • Sugar levels

This is another important consideration when comparing both drinks. With coffee, you have the option of talking the beverage without sugar. Most coffee advocates promote taking coffee without sugar to limit the adverse effects of sugars on weight gain and general body health. On the other hand, Red bull is loaded with sugar. A can of Rec bull has 27 mg of sugar. The diet Red bull has no Sugar but contains an artificial sweetener named aspartame. Aspartame is a dangerous chemical and has been banned in several countries in the world. There are many documented adverse effects of sugar in the body including weight gain and diabetes.

  • Other components in both coffee and Red Bull

Red bull contains an extra stimulant; Taurine. This chemical is prohibited for use in several countries including Norway and France. In addition, Red bull has loads artificial colors and taste enhancers. Taurine helps to enhance the work of nerve synapses, enabling one to remain alert, be able to concentrate for long as well as boosting memory. Caffeine has the same effects. The dangers of high levels of this chemical in the body have not been fully researched. You need to worry why some countries have prohibited the use of Taurine.

Caffeine has psychoactive elements and can be addictive. This is to say that it has some side effects. According to the owner of, Rhiannon Lambert, a nutritionist, she advises that people suffering from anxiety or depression should not take coffee since it can worsen their condition. She believes caffeine has both negative and positive effects on weight control.

  • Serving the drinks

Most people prefer taking a hot drink in the morning. Coffee becomes the drink of choice for most individuals in this regard. Most people find coffee more enjoyable when compared to Red Bull. There are a number of methods to prepare and serve coffee, compared to Red bull which has limited options. What most people love about Red bull is its convenience, you need to grab a can of Red Bull, pone the lid and enjoy your drink.

With coffee, you can prepare your rejuvenating cup at home or buy one at your local restaurant or coffee house.

  • Anti-oxidants

Coffee has a record of around one thousand chemicals, a majority of which are antioxidants. Coffee ranks as the number one source of antioxidants among the American population. Individuals who take coffee regularly are less likely to acquire diabetes or Alzheimer’s disease. We can, therefore, conclude that coffee has some health benefits. Coffee as a natural product boosts its place as a better source of energy than Red Bull. Research proofs that coffee has health impacts on the heart and adrenals glands. When purchasing a cup of coffee or coffee beans, know whether the product is organic. You will realize more health benefits from organically grown coffee.

Final words

With the above points in consideration, drinking coffee takes the day compared to Red bull. Coffee is a natural product, it has no artificial ingredients like Taurine and Aspartame some of which have been prohibited for use in human products in several countries. Coffee still has less impact on weight gain when compared to Red bull since you have the option of taking coffee without sugar. Its level of antioxidants is relatively high, a plus to your immunity. If given a choice between a can of Red Bull and a cup of coffee I would gladly stick to coffee. You can share your opinions on the two beverages.