5 Ways To Drink Coffee and Avoid Staining your Teeth

By | July 26, 2018

Coffee is one of the most celebrated beverages in the world. Though most people love the drink due to its refreshing and relaxation qualities, drinking coffee can stain your teeth. You will not develop stains on your teeth from a single cup of coffee; the stains develop over time. If you are die-hard coffee lover, you will realize the color of your teeth is changing from white to yellowish after months of regularly enjoying the drink. You can still enjoy your coffee drink and yet minimize or avoid staining your teeth if you observe caution in taking your favorite drink. In this article I am going to share five ways you can enjoy your coffee drink, yet avoid staining your teeth.

Go for a cup of coffee with less caffeine

Caffeine is the substance in coffee that is responsible for stains in your teeth. As you order your favorite coffee to prepare at home, opt for decaffeinated coffee. The amount of caffeine in coffee correlates to the amount of polyphenols in the coffee. The polyphenols are the substances that are responsible for teeth staining. Decaf coffee will leave fewer stains on your teeth.

Stick to good oral hygiene

This is one of the preferred methods to stay away from coffee stains in on your teeth. The best practice is brushing your teeth after taking a cup of coffee. It should be done probably after an hour, the reason been, coffee contains acids that can soften your enamel. If you brush immediately after drinking coffee, you risk interfering with your enamel. If you cannot make it clean teeth after the drink, swish your mouth with clean water immediately. You can also try flossing if brushing teeth is impossible after taking your teeth staining beverage.

Minimize the period your teeth are in contact with the coffee

Many people love sipping coffee continuously as they work. This is a habit that one develops over time. If you care about your dental health, consider unlearning the habit. The longer your teeth are exposed to coffee, the more they are in contact with the elements that lead to teeth staining. At least you should not drink your cup of coffee for more than an hour. If this happens, keep a bottle of water close to you. Alternate your coffee sips with some water to ensure no stains remain in your teeth. A better way to minimize prolonged exposure of your teeth to coffee is but scheduling your coffee sessions every day. You can choose to be taking coffee after meals or in the morning and evening only.

Try using straws

Taking your coffee from a cup means, your teeth are exposed to the polyphenols that result in teeth staining before the beverage gets down your throat. Finding a way that will minimize exposure of this drink to your teeth can markedly help to solve the problem of teeth staining.

Teeth staining challenges posed by drinking coffee can be solved through creative ways. One of these ways is drinking coffee through a straw. Using a straw mean, your teeth are less exposed to the beverage, therefore less staining. Most people find it awkward to drink coffee through a straw, but if it will improve your dental health, there is no harm in trying.

A healthy diet

Coffee is one among many foods and drinks that lead to teeth staining. Artificial beverages like cola, fast foods, and sweets among others can lead to teeth staining. Healthy foods will not only reduce coffee staining but will contribute to good oral hygiene. Your diet should contain sufficient fruits and vegetables. These vegetables and friuts will prevent the buildup of coffee stains on your teeth. They are rich in minerals and vitamins that strengthen your teeth and help them to resist the discoloration effects of coffee. Some of these vegetables like broccoli and carrots stimulate the production of saliva. Saliva helps to clean your teeth and keep them from staining by acting as a natural mouthwash.

Coffee is quite refreshing but as you enjoy your coffee consider your dental health too. It is possible to enjoy this beverage, yet keep your teeth stain-free. The methods mentioned above are a great way to enjoy your drink and leave your teeth stain free. A single approach may not be sufficient enough to allow you to stay away from the staining effects of coffee. Consider a combination of ways to stay away from teeth staining.