Taking Coffee with Milk or without; which is Healthier?

By | July 24, 2018

Not many people can end their day without taking several cups of coffee during the day. Over r65% of Americans take coffee with milk. This indicates that it is only 35% of this population who consume black coffee. The uptake of coffee as a preferred beverage continues to rise. This is supported by the rapid increase in the number of coffee houses in different parts of major cities in the world. It directs us to the question of how should we take coffee, with or without milk? To aid in discovering answers to these questions, we will look at the benefits of taking black coffee as well as those taking coffee with milk.

Benefits of taking black coffee

Nearly all research that has been conducted on the health benefits of coffee have been on black coffee, coffee brewer’s recommend, drinking black coffee for maximum health benefits. If you want to earn maximum benefits from any product, use it as per the manufacturer’s recommendation. Let us explore the benefits of taking black coffee.

  • Black coffee is ideal for weight loss. A cup of black coffee on average has 4.7 calories, compare this to a cup of coffee with sugar and milk that has roughly 56.6 calories. The primary goal in weight loss programs to limit the intake of foods that are high in calories. Black coffee qualifies to be included in this list since it has minimal calories.
  • It has very high levels of antioxidants. The inclusion of milk and sugar may interfere with these essential elements that play vital roles in promoting health. Antioxidants are loaded with numerous health benefits including fighting cancer-causing molecules present in our bodies and boosting your immunity. You will fully enjoy the benefits of anti-oxidants in coffee if you take black coffee.
  • Boosts memory. People who regularly take black coffee have a better memory when compared to those who drink coffee with milk. Black coffee boosts your memory power and helps you to remain alert during the day. As one age, cognitive abilities are increasingly diminishing, yet the risk of Parkinson’s, Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease continues to rise. A cup of tow can counter this in a day. Studies have supported this fact that you can reduce the risk of both Alzheimer’s and Parkinson by 65% and 60% respectively by taking black coffee regularly.
  • Increase in body metabolism. This is important for athletes and person who regularly visit the gym as well as those on weight loss programs. Black coffee has been found to boost body metabolism by near 50%. It promotes the use of fat cells as the source of energy for the body in place of glycogen by working on the nervous system. Take a cup of coffee 30 minute before you start your exercise. This coffee has an effect on the tummy. It aids in burning fats cells in the belly.
  • It cleanses your body and stomach. Black coffee has diuretic properties. It promotes regular urination, a process through which toxins and pathogens are eliminated from the body.
  • Liver health. It is true that taking black coffee is beneficial to the liver. According to research, people who take black coffee regularly have a lower risk of developing liver disease. Intake of this beverage reduces the risk of alcoholic cirrhosis, hepatitis, liver cancer and fatty liver disease. It also helps to minimize the level of harmful liver enzymes in the blood.
  • Reduces the risk of diabetes. Both decaf and caffeinated coffee reduce the risk of diabetes. Coffee works by increasing the production of insulin to limit the development of diabetes. People who regularly consume black coffee are at a lower risk of developing diabetes.
  • Boosts cardiovascular health. Regular intake of black coffee will aid in minimizing the risk of heart disease like stroke. It also helps to maintain your blood pressure at healthy levels.

Benefits of taking coffee with milk

Most individuals take coffee with milk and sugar. These are some of the advantages;

  • Taste. Not many people can get used to the flavor associated with black coffee. This becomes the reason why a majority of people take white coffee.
  • Calories. People who don’t mind gain calories from coffee with milk prefer taking the beverage.
  • Lower PH. Coffee with milk helps top reduce acidity associated with black coffee. It is the better option for persons with GERD and stomach ulcers.
  • Prevents esophageal cancer. Esophageal cancer can result from coffee burns on the esophageal lining. Milk in coffee helps to reduce these adverse effects.


Taking black coffee or coffee with milk, each has its benefits. But if we keenly observe the benefits of taking black coffee, they outweigh those of taking coffee with milk. Though the taste of black coffee is welcoming, with time you get used. You will gain more health benefits by drinking coffee in its purest form; as black coffee.